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The Middleship™ Proposition

A beacon of hope during troubled times and uncertainty…refreshing.

Busy leaders who are overburdened with the day-to-day demands of the modern workplace appreciate a team member who not only IDENTIFIES PROBLEMS but also SOLUTIONS to those problems. People who are able to NAVIGATE UNCERTAINTY while addressing COMPLEX CHALLENGES are of HIGH VALUE to executives, peers, and direct reports.

How is it that some are able to MASTER the DYNAMICS of an ever-changing workplace while others struggle and fail?

The answer is introduced in my e-book, Middleship™. It is the “sweet spot” of individual and enterprise excellence – leadership from the middle.
This book will present some of the methods used in public and private enterprises to gain the trust and confidence of employees at every level.  Engaging Middleship™ methods has helped to earn greater levels of EMPOWERMENT, influence, JOB SATISFACTION, and new opportunities.

Equipped with Middleship™ methods, employees not only ACHIEVED stellar levels of performance but also ENABLED their supervisors, peer, and direct reports to do so too! Distilling national strategic intent to workable, local action plans, visioning, the balanced workplace measures, FORCE MULTIPLYING, STRENGTHENING a CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE, and leading up are a few of the topics that are discussed in this book.

Exercising Middleship™ methods, tools, and techniques helped to create the right kind of change in people’s lives: People found a renewed sense of PURPOSE, stronger levels of ENGAGEMENT, and joy in knowing how their work made a DIFFERENCE in the world. These employees are of great VALUE for their ability to INFLUENCE others with CREDIBILITY.

The readers of this book will find new levels of personal and occupational satisfaction that have transcended the workplace to their private lives and had a positive effect in kind. One might easily find themselves as the “go-to” person for their ability to navigate the uncertainty and complexity of a dynamic workplace.

The Middleship™ savvy employee understands and is ready to engage emerging challenges. With levels of employee engagement DANGEROUSLY low, the reader will understand the true meaning of engagement and how to GROW IT! This includes strengthening their own engagement AND influencing direct reports, peers, AND higher authority.

In part, the reader will understand the importance of distilling overarching strategy into localized action plans. Creating viable, local action plans has been reported to fill in the gaps and build upon “new hire” orientation and indoctrination.

Equipped with Middleship™ methods, tools, and techniques, readers will be uniquely positioned to take charge of their future. They will understand how to proactively prepare for promotion opportunities or other, better employment opportunities. The reader will be equipped with the tools and techniques that facilitate full awareness of how to make a difference in any workplace. This will help them to screen prospective employers, be the new hire of choice, and prepared for higher levels of responsibility.

I’m looking forward to seeing you along the journey and welcome a chat anytime.

What are some of the ways you’ve seen people lead from the middle?

Yours in performance at work,

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