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According to Harvard Health Publications, core muscles are “the sturdy central link in a chain connecting your upper and lower body.” And, “Properly building up your core cranks up the power. A strong core also enhances balance and stability.” Educated and informed leaders will agree that this is also true in EVERY SUCCESSFUL ORGANIZATION.

Here, I summarize the 3 ESSENTIALS that the TOP LEADERS of every organization must address to ensure success with Middleship™ methods, tools, and techniques. This post summarizes my 3 INTRO to Middleship™ blogs and sets the foundation for my future posts…ENJOY!

Those who are well studied and experienced with leadership doctrine will agree that there are other fundamentals that a leader must address for success at the middle. I will address some relevant and “use today” fundamentals in this blog and my book, Middleship™ – Accelerating the Achievements of Others when You’re not at the Top…Yet!

It has been my experience (and I continue to see this today) that leaders who address these 3 essentials have helped to set a good foundation for their core workforce success.

In my book, Middleship™, I will describe the activities that a person who is – leading from the middle – can use. The Middleship™ methods, tools, and techniques have proven effective in enabling THEMSELVES and OTHERS to ACHIEVE RESULTS. While the Middleship™ information in this book is applicable to every level of any organization (e.g., frontline through executive boardroom), the materials in my book are intended primarily for people who make up the core of the workforce.

The 3 ESSENTIALS include:

  1. Set a clear direction.
  2. Know the answer to the questions, “are we winning?” and “how do we know?”
  3. Clearly and repeatedly state the culture expected in your organization.

Addressing these three essentials will help set a good foundation for your core workforce to lead from the middle using the Middleship™ methods, tools, and techniques.

The methods, tools, and techniques in Middleship™ are those that have been affirmed during my Doctoral level research, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt practices, and WITNESSED in the REAL-WORLD.

In my experience, the professionals who are Middleship™ savvy are those SOUGHT OUT by executives, peers, and direct reports due to their ability to:

  • Address complex challenges.
  • Navigate uncertainty.
  • Set and deploy localized action plans to advance the enterprise’s national strategies.

The materials in this book are examples that have proven successful in my work history and I’m certain I’m not alone.


There are no guarantees that the materials presented in this book will work in YOUR UNIQUE situation. I am, however, DEDICATED to supporting a good understanding of the materials I present. Although I am a coach and consultant, I may not be your coach or consultant…but I would like to be. Reading my blog and/or book does not mean we are in a consultant to client relationship. The book should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a competent consultant who understands you and your situation.

I am HERE for YOU and I’m READY to SUPPORT your SUCCESS.

Please contact me if I can be of assistance in supporting you clarify the use of the materials in my blog and book. I truly look forward to hearing from you!

Your friend,

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