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Intro Project Management A 5-Step Process

Attendees of my workshops learn that systems enable sustained high levels of excellence. The alternative to a systems approach is a personality based approach. It is not unusual for organizational successes to first be the results of certain people. But if an organization fails to capture the individual’s system, then the organization risks the loss of sustained performance.

This is where systems like the project management process can help. Continue reading Intro Project Management A 5-Step Process

The Middleship™ Proposition

A beacon of hope during troubled times and uncertainty…refreshing.

Busy leaders who are overburdened with the day-to-day demands of the modern workplace appreciate a team member who not only IDENTIFIES PROBLEMS but also SOLUTIONS to those problems. People who are able to NAVIGATE UNCERTAINTY while addressing COMPLEX CHALLENGES are of HIGH VALUE to executives, peers, and direct reports.

How is it that some are able to MASTER the DYNAMICS of an ever-changing workplace while others struggle and fail?

The answer is introduced in my e-book, Middleship™. It is the “sweet spot” of individual and enterprise excellence – leadership from the middle. Continue reading The Middleship™ Proposition


According to Harvard Health Publications, core muscles are “the sturdy central link in a chain connecting your upper and lower body.” And, “Properly building up your core cranks up the power. A strong core also enhances balance and stability.” Educated and informed leaders will agree that this is also true in EVERY SUCCESSFUL ORGANIZATION.

Here, I summarize the 3 ESSENTIALS that the TOP LEADERS of every organization must address to ensure success with Middleship™ methods, tools, and techniques. This post summarizes my 3 INTRO to Middleship™ blogs and sets the foundation for my future posts…ENJOY! Continue reading 3 ESSENTIALS FOR MIDDLESHIP™SUCCESS – A STRONG CORE WORKFORCE


It All Begins with the Leader. Part 3

Culture will devour the best Leader Direction Statements (LDS) such as vision and mission statements, core values, leader credo, etc. Adapted from my friend John Maxwell’s writings, the message is simple. It doesn’t matter how well the organization’s direction statements read if the leader has not made it clear the kind of culture they expect. If left incomplete, then even the best written LDS and best employees may struggle to be effective. Answer the following statement with true or false.

Everyone comes to the workplace with cultural norms and behaviors. Continue reading IS THE CULTURE YOU EXPECT CLEAR TO EMPLOYEES?


It All begins with the Leader. Part 2

How long would you sit in an arena to watch a sporting event if there were no scoreboard or time clock? 10 minutes? 4 hours? Never even go?

What would it be like if you were on the team playing the game?

This is a silly question because knowing the score and how much time remains is essential to knowing how well the team is performing, stepping up effort, rallying the team, when to leave, and much more. Welcome to Part 2 of my 3 Part blog which is setting the stage for my remaining Middleship™ blog posts. In this blog post, I’ll cover BULLET POINT 2…

Continue reading IS YOUR TEAM WINNING?


My friend, John Maxwell, the number one leadership guru in the world will tell you that “everything rises and falls on leadership.” And I have certainly experienced both the rise and fall during my own leadership duties. Ahh and OUCH!

Leader, what is your goal? Do they know? Are you certain?

I do not like using the word disclaimer because it feels like I’m hedging on my blogging points. But it is important to point out 3 leader pitfalls that, in my experience, have created “friction, confusion, and underperformance” – Peter Drucker.

Miss these 3 pitfalls, and it is likely your core (middle) workforce will struggle to be at their BEST and MISS achieving the organization’s goals.  Continue reading IT ALL BEGINS WITH THE LEADER